Friday, May 27, 2011

The Fourth Week.

Wow, everyone! This is the 4th CSA pickup. That's so exciting. I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their organic veggies.

News on the farm? It's hot... 90s this weekend, better lather up that sunscreen. The crops are loving it. Everything hit a big growth spurt as soon as the nights were up into the 50s. All the row cover is gone and everything is basking in full sun.

What a view! Garlic galore. 

Me, with tasty turnips!
Someday very soon, we'll have squash. 
Potatoes are growing fast in the sun. 
My harvest volunteer and I bunching nice red radishes. 

Here's some really great news. The veggie-devouring-guinea-hens are all gone! It took a lot of time and a lot of people and a lot of frustration to catch them all. What a relief, let me tell you. It's nice and quiet now and nothing is munching down on the veggies. Although I spotted a little bunny foo-foo eating some head lettuce the other day. I've been noticing a ton of lizards around, so hopefully they are eating as many bugs as the guineas. Adios, amigos!


Here'a picture of a really empty looking spot, but it's soon to be full of wonderful flowers! I've planted zinnias, red sunflowers, cosmos, nasturtiums, calendula, marigolds, and a hummingbird and bee mix. I can't wait for the after picture. Summer is definitely approaching fast!

Soon to be jam packed with 2-5ft tall flowers. 

Alright, I've got to skedattle and start washing some vegetables. See everyone at the market! Have a safe memorial day, and remember: Only YOU can prevent forest fires! :-)


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