Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's AUGUST? You gotta be kidding me.

Last time, I was flipping out that it was July. Now, as I sit here in front of the fan blowing air on me from the swamp cooler which is probably not doing much because it is 200 degrees outside.. now it's nearly August? Insane, really. I don't even know where my days go! But I do know they are going somewhere good, because the CSA has been awesome! Last week, my lucky members got freshly harvested totally organic red potatoes! (as well as bunching onions, swiss chard, soybeans, squash, and cucumbers.) A first for me, and it was received well. 

Tasty taters. 
The cukes have started rolling in, and I've planted succession crops, so we'll be eating cukes until mother natures says no mas! The squash, well, it's squash bug time. Can't say much about this crop, those little creatures really wreak havoc once they get started. I got a few good harvests and also have multiple plantings, so hang on for more. Here's some pictures of other goodies to come.

I spy something green! 
 I suspect this guy is two weeks away.
Bell peppers--almost ready for fajitas.

This tassel is how corn pollinates in the wind. 
One vibration and it's a pollen dust storm.
Look at those silks! What fine silks they are. They
 catch pollen from the tassel and fertilize the plant, 

which then makes seeds within the corncob. 
Attention: Clean up in aisle 5. Thinned it out and
 fed it to some lucky chickens! 

So, not to toot my own horn here, but my farmtastic walk-in-cooler-trailer-on-wheels is 100% up and running! And it's fabulous! A constant 43 degrees is enough to make this farmer happy, especially when it's 99 degrees outside! Might I say that it's super cool!? It's pretty great to harvest and get the produce refrigerated almost immediately. I can't promise you won't find me taking a siesta in there. 

Vapor barrier-- gotta keep that moisture away! 

I could probably build an igloo in this thing. 

The chickens are happy mamas, as usual. Their egg production has been very steady throughout the summer. The demand is high right now, but supply seems down elsewhere. I've noticed fewer egg vendors at the market and I've fetched more dinero from my wholesale eggs. So that just tells me that my mamas are spoiled and happy and have tons of shade to snooze under. Their new home is also rototill-able, so they get freshly turned dirt (and the bugs that come with it) every Sunday. Ah, the life of a chicken. 

This here is my rack! Get your own, buster. 

The garlic harvest is finally over! Talk about the longest marathon ever. Needless to say, I have a ton of garlic. Find me at the market this Saturday-- I'll have convenient $2 bags for sale. 

And for some final thoughts... it's summer! These things mean summer to me: 

Zinnias-- my official flower of summer. 
Blooming zinnias and almost blooimg dark red
sunflowers in the background. 
A gigantic frog chillaxin in my greenhouse. 
See ya later, alligator! 

I'm off to feed the chickens! Hope to see everyone at the market this Saturday. Come early if you want huevos! Later, alligator :)



  1. You're awesome chica! You're a natural, and it is just coming along for you. You should be very proud of yourself!
    I want to come by and see you soon and see those flowers and your farm.

  2. beautiful! you are so inspiring!