Thursday, July 7, 2011

Since when is it July?!

Why didn't anyone tell me it was July already!? Holy cows, time flies when a million things are going on. So many great things have happened with the farm, I'm excited to divulge details about it all!

Last week, I took "time off" to relocate myself, my boyfriend, and my lovely chickens to new homes. (It was very strange not going to market on Saturday!) The chickens have moved into the deluxe farm suite, complete with wonderful trees, spacious living areas, and wonderful views. They are happy as clams, proven by their noticeable jump in egg production. Here's some photos of their new diggs:

Private patio included, rent to be paid in huevos. 
They heard me coming. Food? Food food food food?
Happy with their nesting boxes. 
Long hallways with outside space all around.
Not bad for a day's work. 
This is her good side. 

We humans, on the other hand, also moved into a spacious new house. Adrian and I jumped ship on a pretty bad living situation and are also happy as clams to be living in a wonderful new house. It was really great to consolidate all farm stuff to the farm, and all house stuff to the house. And there's less driving!

Summer veggies are fast approaching! Not that I'm tired of delicious greens, but I'm pretty excited about squash, carrots, eggplant, melons, tomatoes, bell peppers, green chili......... whoa! Check out pictures of what's growing on... get it... growing on? going on? Everyone loves farm jokes!
Green frijoles!
Purple frijoles!
Soon, we'll be indulging in the best cantaloupe
you've ever had in your entire life. Trust me. 
Teeny weeny eggplant. Yum!

This extended and seemingly permanent heat wave we're having has taken a toll on the spring veggies. The garlic matured and is ready to harvest a bit too early for my taste. It's still totally delicious, but a tad smaller than I'd like. Learning, learning, learning, I'll tell ya.

The last of the green garlic harvest. Dried, bulb garlic from here on out!

Lots of spring stuff is still growing strong. I had a tasty head lettuce-turnip-radish-tatsoi salad for lunch today.

Purple top turnips, tried and true! 
Green, green, green. 
Head lettuce with a lady bug baby. 
Rainbow chard, roots attached for extra shelf life.

My manure-water-fertilizer-not-fish-emulsion idea is working very well! I've worked out kinks with concentration and how to get the solution into the irrigation lines, and it seems to be doing its job. Things definitely perk up in the days following fertilization, so I'm going to carry on, my wayward son, with this fantastically sustainable system. I mean, look at it... doesn't it just look like a great idea!? And the entire system only cost me about 13 bucks.

Pretty nice use of manure, if you ask me. 

Well, that's a whole lot of updates in a whole little space. This week's CSA is a good one, so be sure to come visit me at the market. Thanks to my members for hanging on for a week while I sorted everything out! See everyone Saturday :)

Don't forget that sunscreen...

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