Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tractors and Seedlings, oh my!

The preparation work is finito!  Tractor work is done, irrigation is set up, seedlings are growing in the greenhouse. The first CSA harvest box is right around the corner!


They say third time's the charm. Here's some pictures of the third and final tractor guy.

60 horse power to get the job done.
Rototilling! Compare furthest right to a
few feet left. Beautiful soil!

I was unhappy with the previous tractor work because it just wasn't deep enough for carrots, potatoes, etc. This final tractor guy used an implement called a sub-soiler, which is perfect for this application. It's not a good idea to turn over the soil any deeper than a few inches in the North Valley... any more and you're bringing up heavy, heavy clay and a lifetime supply of weed seeds. The sub-soiler breaks up soil but doesn't flip it. It uses a hook-like arm to cut down about 24 inches to create air pockets and break up the soil near it. He then used a PTO rototiller to break up the big clods on the surface. And then, wa-la! Beautiful, uniform soil ready for planting! 


The greenhouse is full of life right now! I'm seeding new things almost daily, and things are sprouting left and right. Check out the little seedlings... they're healthy and growing fast!

Kale! Brassica seedlings are pretty cute.
Ruby and Rainbow Chard coming right up.
Onions-- one of ten trays!
Broccoli, the fastest grower so far.

Up next for seedings is kohlrabi, lettuce, and collard greens. I think it's safe to say spring is here! Stay tuned for photos of seeding the field with arugula and spinach. I'm off for now, more seeds need planting!

Happy Farming :)


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