Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is HERE! (early, too!)

I hope everyone is basking in the 70 degree days we've been having! First off, let me say that the farm is looking GREAT! The garlic is growing, the soil is plowed, and irrigation is underway.
But seriously, the most exiciting thing of all....

The seeds are finally here!
This time of year, the seed companies are bombarded with orders and generally take forever to get them shipped. But here they are! Let the seeding begin!

Today, I seeded about 25 trays of veggies (broccoli, kale, chard, onions, leeks, rosemary...)  to give them a headstart in the greenhouse. Most will be transplanted out into the field in about 3 to 4 weeks.

They'll stay toasty warm and germinate faster in the greenhouse.

I even had a seeding helper but she got fired for sleeping on the job.

She's making sure things go smoothly.
Apparently things went a little too smoothly!

I'll get some pictures of my irrigation system up when it is completed. It is going to be awesome! I worked with an irrigation company to design a system to deliver the best pressure and use water in the most efficient way possible. After all, we do live in the desert, and water comes at a huge cost. In just a few days, most of the field is going to be seeded with lettuce, arugula, herbs, kale, collards, turnips, radishes, and the list goes on and on! If only time would stop going by soo slooooow...


The chickens moved into a deluxe suite this winter. They got home made nesting boxes and new roosting racks to sleep on.  After putting the new boxes in the coop, their egg production went up almost immediately. And speaking of, the mamas definitely know spring is fast approaching. Many, many chickens who were "dormant" during the winter have started laying again, so meet me at the market because I've got LOTS of eggs to sell!

The first few pieces. 

Lookin' pretty cozy if you ask me.

25 dollars later... awesome nesting boxes!

And finally...

It's CSA sign-up time! I'll have CSA sign-up flyers and will be accepting memberships at the next Los Ranchos Market (March 12, 10am-noon). Come early because I'm only accepting 30 people! I hope to see everyone there!


Happy Farming! :)


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